ZHMBC’s 143rd Church Anniversary - Let’s Rejoice


Morning Messenger - The Driver Preaching Legacy Continues

Rev.  Derek Driver reminisced about growing up in ZHMBC and about the time he ran into the pulpit while his father was preaching! The younger Rev. Driver is the Pastor of Flint River Baptist Church in Woodland Ga.  Their choir sang with the spirit and their deacons and ushers served very diligently . Rev. Driver delivered a powerful message from Joshua 5: 13-15, “You can’t do this by yourself”.  He shared that we have to be prepared for what God has prepared for us - Just like Jesus. There is a season, time,  and place for everything. You are where God wants you..... on Holy Ground....  keep trusting God in spite of what’s going on.... and give God thanks ... you can’t do this by yourself. When you feeling like throwing in the towel,  keep it to wipe the sweat and keep pressing!


Afternoon Messenger - New Fellowships for a New Day

​Rev. Dr. Angela Starling brought the afternoon message from Jeremiah 29:11, “God has a purpose”... for us to rise up in the middle of circumstances. God’s motivation was purpose and love. In spite of what’s  happening before us, He wants us to continue pressing and trusting. There is “Purpose” in all this madness. Don’t get caught up in looking at what’s going on around us. It’s ok to say “Help my unbelief!” Push past what you see. Jesus already knows how He will deliver us. Don’t get caught up and distracted. Get in your warring position. We just need to ask God what His vision is for us.  The best is yet to come. Eyes have not seen; Ears have not heard! Nor has it entered into the hearts of man.   We’re going to the next level in ministry for ZHMBC....  to do what He has put in our hearts to do.