2019 Revival Message for the Pulpit and the Pews

The Danger of Jealousy


Rev. Leroy Elliott, Sr. delivered a message, “The Danger of Jealousy ” from the scripture found in I Samuel 18:5-9.  Rev. Elliott is Pastor of the New Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, IL. 

His message was for “pulpit and pew alike”. Rev Elliott declared that he would "Rejoice and  be exceedingly glad about Jimerson’s blessing” and that it brings great joy to his soul to see others being blessed. 

Be Not Weary in Well Doing


Rev. Elliott went on to bring to our attention Galatians 6:9 which encourages us to not be weary in well-doing. He charged us to never let jealousy ruin things for us. Rev. Elliott reminded us that we don’t need a title to have a testimony. Saul had the title but no testimony while David had a testimony but no title. 

Favor from God affords us opportunity to experience so many things beyond our capabilities and credentials. So there is no need to be jealous. “Nobody can beat me being me”, said Rev. Elliott. "God spoke let there be Leroy!”

Praise God for what He has done for you instead of being jealous.


David didn’t have the skill to fight like he did and win like he won. Saul was convinced that David had been placed over himself as ruler. The women who were there were praising Saul for placing David in the warrior position so they could win (See verse 6). Saul was blinded and confused by his jealousy of David. He missed his own accolades because of his jealousy. Further, we need to be careful of desiring what others have: “Don’t want what I got until you’re willing to take what I took.