2019 Women's Day


Fully Persuaded

ZHMBC's women were joined by many from the community and the Greater Smith Chapel UMC in Pine Mountain, GA to touch and agree with Romans 4:21, "Being Fully Persuaded  that God had the power to do what he has promised."


A Woman of Vision......Fully Persuaded

The Rev. Yolanda Jones-Colton, Pastor of  The Greater Smith Chapel UMC in Pine Mountain, Georgia, delivered a soul-stirring message from Luke 13:10-17,
“I’m Bent But I’m Here”.  
Having been in a bent over condition for 18 years, the woman in Luke had to endure many challenges, not being able to walk upright. Not having been given a name and without reference to her age, she let nothing keep her from worshiping and serving God. She also didn’t let the day of the week keep her from a life changing opportunity to be made whole. Many of us have been bent but when God touches us.....! We are straightened up and will never be the same. Even if we’re still bent, we’re on our way as long as we don’t stop pressing. 


United and Persuaded

Sister Elaine Turner, a Fully Persuaded woman, favored the congregation with her rendition of  the Rev. Luther Barnes' "It's Your Time".