An Overview of ZHMBC

Our Founding

ZHMBC was founded in 1876 by Brothers Will Colton, Sam McGhee, and Jim Spear.  Our first pastor was the Rev. Henry Mullins.  The church's first deacons were Will Colton, Sam McGhee, Bob Fuller, W.K. Rosser, and Henry Blount. 

ZHMBC has ordained six ministers:  Isaac Perdue, Roy Stepps, H.G. Reeves, Carl Black, James Rosser and Dwight Hardaway, Sr.  The church has also licensed two ministers:  Mack A. Perry and Dwight Hardaway.

Our Ministries

Christian Board of Education

Deacons' Board

Mothers' Board

Senior Choir

Sunbeam Choir

United Voices of Faith

Youth Ministry

Women's Ministry

Men's Ministry

New Generation

Publications, Printing and Communication Ministry

Media Ministry

Seniors Making a Difference

Sunday School

Ushers' Board