2019 Family and Friends Day

Just like he did here at the 2018 FFD, Rev. Driver preached and our hearts burned within!

A Day to Remember

ZHMBC observed its annual Family and Friends Day on November 3, 2019.

The message was delivered by Rev. D. L. Driver, pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Barnesville, Ga. Rev. Driver preached from Matthew 17:14-17 an inspiring message entitled, "Bring him to Jesus!" 

Every now and then it’s good to take a break. It’s good to get away sometimes - as did Jesus that day. Things will wear you down. Many people who followed Jesus were doing so only for the blessing.

Rev. Driver, Pastor Jimerson, Rev. Emmitt Clark, and his son, Rev. Derek Driver at the 2018 FFD.

Family .... and Friends

Peter, James, and John went up on the mountain. While there, a transfiguration occurred.  We liken that to being caught up in the spirit; when we experience a visitation of the Holy Spirit, we want another experience. As Jesus and His disciples were headed back to the valley, they saw a man with his son, who needed healing. The young man was in dire need of help and healing. Whatever we are struggling with, we only need to bring it to Jesus. They brought the young man to Jesus and He spoke to the demon in the young man. Jesus is STILL able and willing to heal us. Bring it Jesus! 

2019 Homecoming Revival


Rev. Felix Worthen, God's Messenger

Once again, God used Rev. Felix Worthen to deliver inspiring and encouraging messages to the ZHMBC congregation and community.  Each is summarized below.

Monday Night

“God’s love is still the answer” from John 15:7-12:  The spirit of love requires and demonstrates patience. When our judicial system and legislators and community operate in love we will be able to fulfill Gods will. God has something special for us. We have to abide in His love. Mathew 16:19. We are not supposed to be losing and biding in hate. Bind the spirit in which people operate wrong.

Tuesday Night

“Making a faith decision” from Mark 5:25-28:  When we have done all we know to do and worked multiple jobs and spent all we had it’s time to make a faith decision. And someone decided to share with the woman about Jesus (she heard about Jesus). There is great power in witnessing. That took faith. With her issue she could not even get a man to help her and yet spent all she had and still grew worse. She made a faith decision and applies herself to getting to Jesus, and not even needing Him to do anything but to just touch His clothes which she believed was enough to make her well. She made a decision that if she could try all the other things she had after hearing about Jesus she would make her way to Him. Make a faith decision to love!!!! 

Wednesday Night

"The Power of Thanksgiving" from Acts 27:  20, 33-39: In the midst of Paul's darkness and stormy seas, he gave thanks to God in the presence of all.  Men are lovers of themselves. The Samaritan that was cured of leprosery among the ten was the only one which returned to than Jesus for curing him and Jesus asked were there not 10? The man answered yes, then Jesus asked "Where are the other 9?" People are unthankful because they are not grateful for what God has given us.  God is good all the time. Paul was thankful even though he was almost blind.  Let patience have a purpose.  Stay on the ship; be of good cheer.  Thanksgiving reveals that you love God, you are thankful to God and we should give continuous thanks to God. When you give thanks to God, you don't have to worry.  Show faith and the love of God shows.  

Thursday Night

“Stay Positive” from  Psalm 24:6-10:   God expects us to have a positive attitude. Many things in the Bible are easier said than done. Like the  children of Israel who even complained about the bread God gave them. We have to wait and be positive while we wait

  1. We must know God is still in control.
  2. You must Know that you belong to God.
  3. God will take care of you and He can turn it around.

Stay positive even in negative times. Just like Jesus came by the boat and Spooked the disciples and Peter said "If it’s you, bid me to come" and Peter walked long as he didn’t look down.  Look at Him on the Cross at His weakest point. Trash talker on the left whom He ignored. The man on the right said remember me and Jesus said "You’ll be with me in paradise." Pay attention to what you need to and ignore what you need to. God has it under control. Stay positive so when you look up you can get inspiration like Jacobs ladder. Have you looked to your right? 

Friday Night

"Be strong, stay strong, and stand!" from Ephesians 6: 10-13

Satan will try to battle you in spite of the fact that he will not win. Be strong and stand on God’s word. Stay strong and endure to the end in faithfulness.

Resist the devil and he will flee for a season. As soon as we get one victory, he’s waiting to disturb us again. He was even waiting for Jesus after Jesus prayed and fasted. Don’t be scary. We need to be strong and ready to state our conviction. We can’t be in battle with newly wed or scared people who are not focused on the task at hand. We have to put on the Whole armor of God! No man can take my life but I have power to lay it down. Jesus got up out of a borrowed tomb! At my weakest God is at His strongest. 

2019 Pastoral Anniversary

Rev. Dr. Jimerson & His Family

Rev. Dr. Jimerson & His Family

Rev. Dr. Jimerson & His Family


He was thrilled to have his family worship with ZHMBC on Resurrection Sunday which was also his anniversary. 

Chairman of the Board

Rev. Dr. Jimerson & His Family

Rev. Dr. Jimerson & His Family


Deacon Leon Coverson, Chairman of the ZHMBC Board of Deacons, celebrates Rev. Dr. Jimerson. 

Anniversary SURPRISE

Rev. Dr. Jimerson & His Family

Co-Laborers for the Cross

Mother Charlie Mae Jackson had a stroke on Jan. 6, 2019. Wont God Do It! #miraclebuilding

Mother Charlie Mae Jackson had a stroke on January 6, 2019. Won‘t God do it! #miraclebuilding

Co-Laborers for the Cross

Co-Laborers for the Cross

Co-Laborers for the Cross


Rev. Dr. K. G. Bailey preached an inspiring message, “The Gospel of the Resurrection”, from John 11:25. He even donned his Superman shirt to remind us Jesus will come in and save us when we need Him!

Jimerson & Gia

Co-Laborers for the Cross

Kobe and Big Daddy


The youngest of his grandchildren, Rev. Dr. Jimreson holds the microphone for Gia as she recites The Lord’s Prayer. 

Kobe and Big Daddy

Co-Laborers for the Cross

Kobe and Big Daddy


Here is Rev. Dr. Jimerson with his grandson, Kobe, who is Gia’s big brother. Kobe is a scholar and a baseball player. 

For more anniversary pictures, see photo  gallery below. 

ZHMBC's 2019 King and Queen

Deacon & Sister James Hill, 2019 King & Queen

Deacon & Sister James Hill, 2019 King & Queen

Deacon & Sister James Hill, 2019 King & Queen


On February 16, 2019, the ZHMBC Women Reaching Women Ministry held its Annual Red and White Ball. The theme for the event was “The Love of God”. The event also marked the crowing of a new Queen and a first for this year, a King! 

Meet the Hill's

Deacon & Sister James Hill, 2019 King & Queen

Deacon & Sister James Hill, 2019 King & Queen


Deacon James and Sister Foristene Talley Hill are the 2019 King and Queen of ZHMBC!

Their Family

Congratulations to the Hill’s!

Congratulations to the Hill’s!


Deacon Hill is the son of Johnnie Hill and the Late Stella Mae Blount Hill. Sister Hill is the daughter of the Late Eddie B. Talley and Mary Blalock Talley. Deacon and Sister Hill have been married for 46 years. They have two children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.     

Congratulations to the Hill’s!

Congratulations to the Hill’s!

Congratulations to the Hill’s!

The Hill’s live in Newnan, GA and they LOVE ZHMBC! Deacon Hill was ordained on July 15, 2018 and since then, has been very involved in the work of the Deacon's Board and Men's Ministry.  Sister Hill has also been very supportive of ZHMBC.

December to Remember (2018)

Young Man Gives His Life to Christ

Young Man Gives His Life to Christ

Young Man Gives His Life to Christ


When a young man, an East Coweta High School Student, gave his life to Christ, Rev. Jimerson asked for another man to support him, which his cousin agreed to do! Hallelujah!

Kobe and Rev. Jimerson

Young Man Gives His Life to Christ

Young Man Gives His Life to Christ


Rev. Jimerson's grandson, Kobe, worshipped with us on the 23rd along with is mother and sister.  Here he is with his grandfather greeting the congregation!

Ms. Gia and Rev. Jimerson

Young Man Gives His Life to Christ

Chrismtas With Uncle Buddy


Rev. Jimerson's granddaughter, Gia, recited the Lord's Prayer during service on the 23rd. 

Chrismtas With Uncle Buddy

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night

Chrismtas With Uncle Buddy


Deacon Chris "Uncle Buddy" Owens delivered a Christmas message to the youth and adults alike!

Christmas Miracles Kept on Coming

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night


Here is Rev. Jimerson with a young man who had recently been hospitalized due to an illness; God is so good!

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night


The  2018 Watch Night Service featured recognition for several supporters of the Zion Hill Male Chorus who served faithfully the mission of the Male Chorus. 

Zion Hill Male Chorus Supporters Honored at Watch Night

Give Honor Where it is Due

More Honoree Family Members

Give Honor Where it is Due


 The Service featured recognition for several supporters of the Zion Hill Male Chorus who served faithfully to the mission of the Male Chorus.    

One such honoree was Deacon Thrash who serviced as an Emcee for many of the groups programs.

Honorees' Family Members

More Honoree Family Members

Give Honor Where it is Due


They included posthumous honors to Brother Lowinston Jackson received by his daughter, Eula Smith, and Sister Wilene Hines, received by her daughters, Marquita and Sharola, great grandson and brother Melvin. Also honored was  Sister Sherry Thompson.  

More Honoree Family Members

More Honoree Family Members

More Honoree Family Members


Also honored posthumously was Sister Jessie Ruth Blount received by her daughter Treillis.

Sister Frances Matthews

Sister Jacqueline Jackson

More Honoree Family Members

Sister Frances Matthews was a faithful supporter alongside her sister, Olevia Rosser.

Sister Matthews was a faithful supporter alongside her sister, Olivia, and niece, Wilene. 

Sister Jacqueline Jackson

Sister Jacqueline Jackson

Sister Jacqueline Jackson


Sister Jackson has always served faithfully in whatever capacity she can to support her husband, Deacon Louis Jackson. 


Congratulations to Our D'Shon Rosser and the ASU Rams!

2018 SIAC Front Runners

Albany State University's (ASU) six-game win Streak has not only locked up the SIAC Eastern Division title, but has also claimed a Top 10 ranking for the Golden Rams in the NCAA Division II Super Region Rankings.  

Our D'Shon Rosser, son of Tonya Rosser, wears #7 and plays Defensive Lineman for the Rams.  

ASU travelled to Columbus, GA on November 3rd to meet Fort Valley State University in the 29th Annual Fountain City Classic.  The Rams won the Classic with a score of 40 - 6.  The SIAC Championship  game will be played on Nov 10 at 3pm.  

Our Very Own Crowned at GMS's 2018 Homecoming


Brianna Rosser, GMS 2018 Homecoming Queen

ZHMBC member, Brianna Rosser, was crowned Homecoming Queen at Greenville Middle School's festivities held at Leon Coverson Stadium (Yes, ZHMBC's Deacon Leon Coverson!). Brianna was escorted by her father, Damon.  Mr. Damon & Mrs. Kimberly Rosser are very proud of their daughter.


Get to Know Brianna

Brianna is in the 8th grade at GMS. Her hobbies are cheerleading, praise dancing, and going to the movies. After high school graduation, Brianna plans to attend college and become a CSI ( crime scene investigator ). 


Congratulations, Brianna!

ZHMBC is also very proud of Brianna! 

Homecoming & Revival 2018

Deacons Leading Devotion Service

Deacons Leading Devotion Service

Deacons Leading Devotion Service


ZHMBC Deacons led a powerful devotion service that helped prepare the House for Worship during Homecoming service!

Praise and Worship

Deacons Leading Devotion Service

Deacons Leading Devotion Service


The ZHMBC Senior Choir led the congregation in Praise and Worship to usher in the Holy Spirit!

In Season Word!

In Season Word!

In Season Word!


Revival services were filled with the Sprit.  Rev. Felix Worthen, Pastor of the Providence Baptist Church, Seale, AL, delivered "In Season" messages each night:  Monday, Celebrating Christ (Luke 19:37-40); Tuesday, Stay Focused; Wednesday, We need the Holy Ghost (Acts 1:4-8); Thursday, When the Spirit Takes Over (Romans 8:1, 14); and Friday, A Chance to Get Right with God (Acts 16: 22-25).


In Season Word!

In Season Word!


We thank God for how He poured out His Holy Spirit during our 2018 Homecoming Revival. We also thank God for the Rev. Felix Worthen for the powerful, inspiring messages and his family and congregation for their support. We trust that God will continue to guide and direct us as we move in His will!

2018 Deacons' Ordination


ZHMBC's New Deacons

On July, 15, 2018, Rev. Dr. Jimerson ordained four new deacons. They are, from Left to Right: Deacon James Hill, with his wife, Deaconess Forestine Hill; Deacon Joseph Murphy, with his wife, Deaconess Alice Murphy; Deacon Joseph Robinson, with his sister, Carolyn Amey; and Deacon Butler Holt, with his wife, Deaconess, Jackie Holt.


A Moment to Remember

Rev. Dr. Jimerson imparts the Word of God to now, Deacon Joseph Murphy during the ordination service. 


Laying on of Hands

Other ministers supported Rev. Dr. Jimerson in the ordination service, including Rev. Leroy Hill (not pictured), Pastor of the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, McCollum, GA; who delivered the message, entitled "Stay in our Place". Also included were ZHMBC’s Evangelist Virginia Tenney, Minister Alma Foster, and Rev. Orr, Pastor of the New Birth Baptist Church, Haralson, GA.

ZHMBC's Newest Deacons

Deacon James Hill

Deacon Butler Holt

Deacon Butler Holt


Pictured here are Deacon Hill, his wife, Deaconess Forestine, and his sister, Mrs. Johnnie Mae Daniels. Also pictured are the Hill's daughter, Sherrelle, with her son, Christopher Houston, and daughters, (from left to right) Tyesha Hill and Anaja Houston.

Deacon Butler Holt

Deacon Butler Holt

Deacon Butler Holt


Pictured here are Deacon Holt and his wife, Deaconess Jackie.  

Deacon Jospeh Murphy

Deacon Jospeh Robinson

Deacon Jospeh Robinson


Pictured here are Deacon Murphy and his wife, Deaconess, Alice. 

Deacon Jospeh Robinson

Deacon Jospeh Robinson

Deacon Jospeh Robinson


Pictured with Deacon Robinson are his sisters, (standing) Martha Jean Phillips, (seated to the left of Deacon Robinson) Minister Alma Foster, and (standing) Carolyn Amey. Also pictured are Deacon Robinson’s brother-in-law, Willie Foster, niece, Linda Phillips, and nephew, Maseo Robinson.

Father's Day 2018


2018 Father's Day


In Keeping with ZHMBC tradition, Father’s Day also commemorated annual Men’s Day observance. Pictured here are the oldest, youngest, and best looking fathers in attendance, from left to right, Kendrell Colton, Deacon Leon Coverson, and Deacon Charles Hardaway (with his grandson, Broderick Hardaway), respectively. 

142nd Church Anniversary


Anniversary 2018

On June 3rd, we celebrated our 142nd anniversary. In addition to wonderful music about the grace and mercy of God, we were favored with perspectives from the past, present and future of our church, encouraging us to continue to press forward in Jesus' name!


Threee Wise Men

From left to right, Rev. Duane Jackson, Pastor of guest church, Springfield Baptist Church in Greenville Ga, Rev. Dr. E.L. Jimerson, ZHMBC Pastor, and Rev. David Parks, Pastor of The Hallelujah Praise Church, also located in Greenville, fellowship after service.  

Rev. Parks served as Master of Ceremony and Worship Leader.  


"The Lord Has Your Back"

Pastor Jackson delivered an inspiring message from Exodus 14: 19-27 to encourage us to stand fast on God's word and only follow Him!  

2018 Little Miss Krimson and Kreme


Jekyra Bell, 2018 Little Miss Krimson and Kreme

On sunday, June 10, 2018, the LaGrange, Ga. Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. hosted its annual Krimson and Kreme scholarship pageant.  Our very own Jekyra Bell won the Little Miss category and received a very nice gift bag and trophy.  Jekyra automatically qualifies for the Kappa’s scholarship upon her high school graduation.  

Jekyra is the daughter of Latasha Colton and Jeffery Bell.  An upcoming 6th grader at Greenville Middle/High School, Jekyra enjoys singing and dancing as a member of the ZHMBC praise dance team.



Kappa Connections

Jekyra is seen here with her great-grandmother, Mother Mary Colton, and Deacon Leon Coverson, Chairman, ZHMBC Board of Deacons, and long-time member of the LaGrange Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.


Krimson and Kreme Legacy

Jekyra is seen here with her cousin, Branijah Gilger, the 2017 Miss Krimson and Kreme….here’s to keeping it in the family!

2018 Mothers Day


A Special Day for Mothers and Women

The Power Hour was dedicated to the legacy and ministry of mothers and other women who support our children.  Here, Rev. Dr. Jimerson acknowedges the oldest (Maybelle Addie and and Janie Hardaway) and Youngest (Sharmelle Grier) Mothers in attendance.  


Yummy Bruch

ZHMBC's Mens Minstry provided a wonderul brunch to acknowledge Mothers Day.


Here's to our Mothers!

Everyone enjoyed their meal!  Praise God for our Mothers!

2018 Student Recognition Day


Speaker, GHS's Taylor Sewell

Sewell shared his experience as a young person creating a path for his future and thanked the congregation for their patience.


GHS Lady Patriots Historic Season

Rev. Dr. Jimerson congratulates GHS player,  Alyiah Sewell and Head Coach Tenney, on  their State Championship for the 2018 season, the first in school history.  Head Coach of the GHS Lady's basketball team, also shared her life experience of triumph regardless of the circumstance.


Congratulations from ZHMBC

Deacons, Mothers and other members congratulate the 2018 Class A State Champions in Lady's Basketball.

Resurrection Sunday 2018


Pastor Jimerson and the Youth

The young people of ZHMBC celebrated the Resurrection!


GMHS Lady Patriots attend service!

Members of the 2018 Class A State Championship Ladies Basketball team from Greenville Middle High School attended service as well. This is first state Championship  in school history. 


More Youth Engaged in the Service

Young people ages 10-18 also enjoyed the service. 

Our Children need us like never before


Rev.Dr. Jimerson with the children

After delivering a soul stirring message about love, Rev. Dr. Jimerson connects with the children again. 


Daughter gives mom a hug

During service, Rev. Dr. Jimerson asked the children to give a hug to someone they loved!


Hugs and More Hugs

Other children giving hugs to those they love!